60W Desktop Laser Welder


thumbnail High precision Nd:Tag welding system. easyness of use, reduced maintenance and long lasting duration of the lamp aresome of the characteristics of this machine combined with a soft and attractive design.


  • Absolute guarantee of stability laser beam alignment.
  • Easy of maintenance, Automatic water-feeding, no need open the cabinet. water filter and deionizing filter. Colour touch-screen display
  • 50 storage places for parameters.
  • Supplier of gas protection.
  • Regulator of the cooling air.
  • Deionizing filter supplied as standard.

Laser source :Nd:YAG
Pump source : Laser flashlamp
Wavelenght: 1064 nm
Operating Mode: Pulsed laser system
Max Avg laser power: 60W
Max pulse energy : 60J
Peak power : 4 KW
Spot diameter : 0.1-2.0 mm
Focal length : 100 mm
Poweradjustment: Via Voltage or PWM feature
Pulse time: 0.1 - 6 ms
Pulse Frequency: Up to 6Hz
Microscope: 10x Magnification
Cooling method: Water to air heat-exchanger