Semiconductor End Pump Laser Marker

The semiconductor end pump laser marker features high reliability, long service life, high energy conversion efficiency and high light beam quality, and therefore is widely used in electronic components, electro technical products, IC, hardware products, automobile parts, plastic products and precision instruments.


  • The optical system uses the entire seal structure.
  • Low consumption, less maintenance costs.
  • With optical path preview and focus instructions.
  • Have small size.
  • Better beam quality, can conduct a variety of inprocessing.
  • Photoelectric conversion rate high


thumbnail It is suitable for marking varieties of metal materials and hard plastic. Especailly for high precision requirements and fine works. It can used in electronic components, metal products, tools accessories and integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precisioninstruments, clocks and watches, auto parts, plastic buttons, PVC pipe, medical equipment industries, etc.