During the finishing of decorative metals such as jewellery, custom jewellery , glasses and watches, the objects often present contents such as oil, polishing residues, plaster, and other residues which later pollute and damage the deposit of galvanic products on the base surface.

Through the ultrasound washing process, these residues are easily removed by electromagnetic waves.

#     # Nevertheless of complex object shapes, these washing guarantee removal of any kind of residues left on the metal surfaces.

Models Capacity litres Heating power Ultrasound power External dimensions mm
Mod. 170 2 150W 140W 195x180x255h
Mod. 170 2,75 200W 150W 315x175x255h
Mod. 430 4,30 200W 280W 315x175x305h
Mod. 570 5,75 400W 300W 375x190x305h
Mod. 950 9,50 600W 550W 375x280x305h
Mod. 1600 16 800W 800W 525x295x420h
*Mod. 25 25 1500W 950W 550x450x870h
*Mod. 50 50 3000W 1200W 700x450x920h
**Mod. 80 80 4500W 1500W 810x490x950h
**Mod. 100 100 6000W 1800W 810x490x950h

*Ultrasound machine 25 and 50 are available only in both version: normal and silent version.
**Ultrasound machine 80 are available only in silent version.