No.0460 240V
(0457/0458 vacuum pump not included)

All in your control:
Exact - Mixing time
Exact - Vacuum time
Exact - Pouring precise into flask under vacuum
Exact - Healthier environment
Exact - No more air bubble
Exact - speeds up production

Place flasks in the vacuum chamber add premeasured water first into the mixing chamber and put premeasured investment into the same mixing chamber.

Switch on vacuum pump and start with the mixing under the vacuum, turning the flask table and filling into each flask under the vacuum, no more air bubble to be trapped in the investment and flask.

No more removing mixing investment on and precise pouring into flask, time saving and labor, faster work, more flasks filled.

Increases your productivity and improve your castings.

Built-in water wash with hand water gun for cleaning.


Investment capacity: up to 40 lbs (18kgs)
Vacuum requirement: 10cfm 29.5" hg (300 liter/ minute)


We are including 2 different height of stands for your choice with better work need.

(1) With high stand: 680mm (W.) x 660mm (D.) x 1400mm (H)

(2) With low stand: 680mm (W.) x 660mm (D.) x 1200mm (H)

Net weight: 122kgs

Gross weight: 165kgs

Max. flask height: 11" (279.4 mm)