JewelCAD Pro is the new generation of jewelry designing and modeling software that is more powerful and efficient than its predecessor, JewelCAD. It has a completely new programming core that allows fast and up-to-date extension of features. JewelCAD Pro still maintains the simple user interface and similar way of working in JewelCAD so that current users can operate it without much difficulty.


A complete new version JewelCAD Pro version 2.2.3 with the Fast Boolean capability is released on Jan., 4, 2013.
An evaluation version without the file saving and export function can be downloaded from the link below.

Product Information:


Non-engineering approach for easy learning and fast operation

  • Only basic knowledge in computers will be sufficient to master the software in several weeks.
  • Video Tutorials for new functions demonstration are available for learning the new features in JewelCAD Pro.
  • Very similar to JewelCAD, the user interface in JewelCAD Pro is very simple and intuitive to understand and learn.


The most popular CAD/CAM software for the Jewellery industry in Asia

  • Global distribution and support network to cover most Jewellery manufacturing countries and regions
  • JewelCAD is widely used in most jewellery manufacturing companies in China, India and Thailand. Users are enjoying the efficiency and price performance provided by JewelCAD.
  • JewelCAD Pro is much improved in its STL data export, photo quality rendering and automatic tools for diamond setting.
  • JewelCAD Pro will be very suitable for jewellery designers and design studio to create their custom jewellery and publish marketing materials over the Internet.



New features in JewelCAD Pro 1.1 - Interactivity

  • Support real-time move, size and rotate during rendering and support bounding box transformation on objects
  • Generate isoparametric curves on surface and can be converted to simple curves for modeling and stones setting
  • Allow creating curves on surface
  • Easier and more effective manipulation of control points on surface, also allowing addition of local control points

New features in JewelCAD Pro 1.1 - Stones auto setting

  • Free setting of frames on surface by mouse, then assigning stone, setting or object to frames
  • Generate array of stones along curve or surface with different stone size and separation
  • Auto setting within a defined region.
  • Auto setting within two curves

Single integrated solution for Design, Photo-realistic rendering, CNC machining and Rapid Prototyping output for manufacturing

  • Allow 3-Dimensional viewing and manipulation of models
  • Fast and easy to output high quality photo-realistic color images
  • Calculate the weight and count the number of stones of a design piece
  • Output standard STL data for CNC 3-axis and rotary axis machining


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