Vacuum induction centrifugal casting machine with MOSFET system.

1. Casting chamber under full vacuum with appropriate inert gas protection (argon or nitrogen).

2. Vacuum removes gases from the invested flask minimizing or eliminating gas porosity and radically enhances crucible life, argon or nitrogen gas prevents oxidation of gold and platinum alloys.

3. Medium-frequency induction melting with self-stirring effect to ensure absolute homogeneity from the top to the bottom of the cast tree.

4. It melts and casts 350 gr platinum in special ceramic crucibles and 1,5 kg gold (24 kt) in high quality pure graphite crucibles.

5. Raising and lowering of the induction coil is pneumatically actuated and automatically “makes and breaks” the thermocouple circuit.

# #
6. Platinum casting temperature control with infrared read-out up to 2100 °C (3812 °F). Gold and silver temperature control with thermocouple directly inserted into metal up to 1450 °C (2642 °F).

7. Both controls give extremely accurate temperature measurements which completely take out the guesswork.

8. All casting parameters are programmable, including precise controlled metal temperature, r.p.m. of the centrifugal arm, acceleration, vacuum and gas value.

9. It guarantees repeatability of the results.Proportional power output controlled by the temperature controller.

10. As the preset casting temperature is almost reached, power is automatically adjusted to eliminate temperature overshoot which is one cause of porosity and maintaining an unalterated power stirring effect throughout the metal.