Fully automated chemical-physical plants to treat abd recover preciuos metals contaminated effluents

The effulent from the processes performed in various manufacturing sectors(especially goldsmith and silversmith sector) is transferred to a collection tank from from where it is transferred to the treatment plant by means of a submersible pump controlled by the plant itself.Achemical dissociation monoreagent in powder form is added to the contaminated effluent to exert an adsorbent and flocculant effect. The chemical reactions that ensure cause the dispersed soluble and emulsified contaminants (gold, silver, copper) to precipitate due (gold, silver, copper) to precipitate due to adsorption and floccultion, converting them into sludgeaned preventing them from dissolving in the liquid. After this chemical process, the clarified water is separated from the sludge by means of filtration through nonwoven paper filters.
The filtered water is discharge to the seweragesystem or watercourse, or if possible returned to the production cycle, while the contaminated substances (in the form of sludge) are collected for subsequent disposal.

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Example Gold In Water Before And After Flocculation:

Suspension Gold :1,21 mg/l
Solution Gold :0,06 mg/l
Total Gold :1,27 mg/l
pH :6
Gold in Suspension and Solution after flocculation:<0,0002 g/l
(analysis effectuated wuth ICP=OES)