Multy Use Industrial Steam Generator.


  • For high volume , around the-clock production.
  • For the large jewellery manufacturer.
  • Spot heating in industrial plants
  • Computer rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Steam rooms
  • Pilot plants and automobile after market industries



Automatic water level regulation system

Electronically controlled sensors constantly monitor the water level Maintaining the optimum operating level.

Electronic steam release valves

Each valve (two standard, a third is optional is operated by foot control, freeing your hands to work. Solenoid actuated with a flow of adjustment)

Pressure control

Factory preset at 8 BAR (120psi), the pressure control maintains a constant operating pressure.

Light control

1. steam production (i.e., heating element is working).

2. each tap (steam release valve ).

3. the automatic pump

4. pump chamber (i.e., low water pressure)

#    #


  • 380 volt operating voltage
  • 3 phase ( 12 amp draw for each phase)
  • 230 volt, single phase to jump
  • 8.5 KW Heating Element
  • 5 Gallon/ 20 liter capacity
  • 0.75 HP pump ; produces 107 PSI/ 7.5 BAR unassisted
  • Other combinations are available