Hydromax Micro Brazer & Solder Machine


  • Jewellery industries. for Gold, Silver and platinum chains, Bangels, Bracelets and Kadi Brazing & Joining.
  • Imitation Industries for Copper, Bronze, Brass, Irons, Chains, Bangels and Model making etc.
  • Micro Welding & Micro Brazing.
  • Thermocouple and sensors soldering.
  • Soldering Dental & Surgical parts.

Product Profile and Principle :
The Hydromax Brazer produces a high-temprature flame without the need of fuel, gas or messy chemicals. It works on electro-chemical splitting of water, and produces an intense oxy-hydrogen flame. It is powered by standerd mains electrical power. It needs only water (deionised) as a consumable. The high- temperature flame is extremely useful in jewellery brazing and welding applications because it does not produce soot or any other combustion by product, so the flame and the weld is very clean. Hence, it is also useful in dental application for appliance making and in jewellery industries for Gold, Silver, Olatinum and Bronze Brazing.